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We The Females is not associated with any religious, political or ideological organization. We are a growing group of Canadian women from all walks of life who are deeply worried about the loss of female rights and the medicalization of children resulting from Bill C-16. This legislation puts children at risk and sacrifices the rights of females by allowing “self-identification” of gender, which gives any male the right to declare himself a woman and to access women’s protected spaces. No physical changes are required!

We affirm the right of transgender people to be treated with dignity, and to thrive in society. However, there is currently no way for women and girls to distinguish between sincere transgender people who want to live peaceful lives, and males who would abuse the right to enter females spaces and sports. This leaves females of all ages in a vulnerable state. When the government allowed self-identification of gender, it gave away the rights of females, and paved the way to the fast destruction of our privacy, safety, language, sports, statistics, and even our consent.



Current Action

Meghan Murphy

Support Free Speech at Toronto Public Library

Renown Canadian journalist Meghan Murphy, founder of Feminist Current, will be speaking at the Toronto Public Library on October 29 on the important topic Gender Identity: What Does It Mean for Society, the Law, and Women?  Anti-free speech activists and local politicians are pressuring the library to cancel her talk, but head librarian Vickery Bowles is standing for free speech and refusing to capitulate.

Let’s stand up for free speech in Canada by supporting the Toronto Public Library and its brave Librarian Vickery Bowles by signing all of the following online petitions:

Please sign these petitions. Let your voice be heard!


Past Actions

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April Halley exposes the problem of violent males housed in female prisons.

Bill C-16–What’s the Big Deal? A Lawyer’s Analysis of the Problem

Canadian Gender Report raises awareness of the impact of gender ideology and the medicalization of gender identity on children and our communities.

Feminist Current is Canadian journalist Meghan Murphy’s news and commentary site.

Psychologist Alicia Hendley’s story of how she changed her mind on transgenderism. Hendley




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