About Us

We The Females is not associated with any religious, political or ideological organization. We are a growing group of Canadian women from all walks of life who are deeply worried about the loss of female rights and the medicalization of children resulting from Bills C-16 and C-6. This legislation puts children at risk and sacrifices the rights of females by allowing “self-identification” of gender, which gives any male the right to declare himself a woman and to access women’s protected spaces. No physical changes are required!

We affirm the rights of transgender people to be treated with dignity, and to thrive in society. However, there is currently no way for women and girls to distinguish between sincere transgender people who want to live peaceful lives, and males who would abuse the right to enter females spaces and sports. This leaves females of all ages in a vulnerable state. When the government allowed self-identification of gender, it gave away the rights of females, and paved the way to the fast destruction of our privacy, safety, language, sports, statistics, and even our consent.

Something is wrong in our society. Canada has a messy human rights conflict that needs to be amended immediately. If we could hold respectful discussions, we could resolve this dilemma. Article 2 of our Charter of Rights includes the fundamental freedoms of conscience, thought, opinion and peaceful assemblies. These rights are now threatened by activists who use abusive intimidation tactics to shut down peaceful gatherings. People are afraid to say what they really think in public, but when you talk to them one-on-one, they think the current situation is crazy. Activists have trained us to think that anyone who questions gender ideology is transphobic and a bigot, but that is neither true nor fair. Disagreement is not bigotry. Standing up for your own safety is not bigotry. The activists will only stop their bullying when we confront their hypocrisy with our truth and our numbers. We simply must say what we really think to as many people as we can.

We The Females is a grassroots action site, a place to gather as we coordinate efforts across the country.  Our message is simple and clear: Rewrite Bills C-16 and C-6 so that it prioritizes the rights of women and children.


Our Strategy

We are planning a series of actions that start with sharing this information. We will build an understanding of these complex human rights issues, and the resulting dangers now facing the majority of Canadians–women and children. These actions will take part in various parts of the country, and build in intensity until we have regained our rights.

We invite you to join with us. Please sign-up to receive emails about actions taking place across the country. This is our way of educating people and building momentum. We need ALL women to get involved! We are 51% of the population so as soon as we start speaking up, we will be unstoppable! Think up creative and bold action ideas with your friends and send them to this website so others can participate. 

Check We The Females regularly to see photos and stories of people standing up for women and children across Canada!


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