National Flyer Drop

Inform Canadians About Bill C-16

Use the buttons below to download this flyer, print and distribute it to mailboxes and public spaces in your neighborhood. Post it on the doors of women’s stalls. Find creative places to leave them! 

Since the media is failing to report on this topic, we need to inform Canadians ourselves. When women are informed, they usually say, “This is nuts, I had no idea!” So let’s take action to inform and educate women.

Make this go viral! Tweet a photo of where you stuffed the flyer! Use the hashtag #wethefemalescan 

Step 1

Print the flyer!

Option 1: Print 2 pages on 8.5 x 11 paper – Choose Letter Size  

If you have access to a double-sided photocopier, print on both sides of letter-sized paper. If you print them out single-sided, put the 2 pages together and fold into thirds

Option 2: Print 1 page on 11 x 17 paper – Choose Tabloid Size  

Take the PDF file to a print shop and copy onto 11×17 paper – you can print on one side and use it as a poster! 

Step 2

Distribute it in your area!

Next, find your drop spot! Attach them to the inside doors of women’s bathroom stalls! Leave them in public spaces, on poles and bulletin boards. Put them in the mailboxes in your neighbourhood or at work.

Note: If you are not able to pay for photocopies, partner with someone who can. Make a deal! She pays for the copies, you deliver them!


Wall of Courage

Check out these photos from brave sisters who’ve dropped the flyer in creative ways!

Tweet your pics to #wethefemalescan or email them to and we’ll post them here!


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