Women across Canada are emailing their Member's of Parliament

Support Female Inmates in Canada

Because of Bill C-16, violent male offenders can “identify” their way to women’s prisons.  Not only does their presence endanger female inmates, but their crimes are reclassified as “women’s crimes”.  The record on male violence against women is becoming increasingly inaccurate.

Canadian women’s activist @GoingLikeElsie has written a letter which you can personalize and email to your MP.  It explains the problem with Bill C-16, and how this poorly written legislation has paved the way for this injustice.  

Step 1

Download the letter using one of the links above.

Step 2

Find your local MP’s email address using this link:  Members of Parliament

Step 3

Personalize the “to”  and “from” fields in the email then send a copy to :

  1. The Prime Minister: justin.trudeau@parl.gc.ca
  2. The Minister of Justice: David.Lametti@parl.gc.ca
  3. Your local MP: Members of Parliament

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