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Bill C-8 (formerly S-202) will Criminalize Helpful Counselling for Gender Dysphoric Children

The Canadian government is proposing legislation that legalizes the surgical removal of healthy reproductive organs from children, yet criminalizes counselling for children to accept and appreciate their bodies. Bill C-8 will criminalize “conversion therapy” for people under 18, meaning any effort to change their sexual orientation or “gender identity”. It is the inclusion of gender identity in C-8 that will have disastrous consequences for Canadian children.

Approximately 85% of children who experience gender dysphoria (discomfort with biological sex) eventually accept their biological birth sex after puberty, if adults do not affirm their transgender identities. Bill C-8 will criminalize this sensible Watchful Waiting approach. Bill C-8 is a government-mandated Affirmation-Only Model that will lead many of these children to a lifetime of unnecessary medical dependence, sterilization and irreversible bodily mutilation. This outrageous legislation must be stopped.


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Bill C-8 Violates the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

This legal analysis was provided by @justdad7:

The proposed ban on ‘conversion therapy’ for gender identity violates the guarantees of fundamental justice in Section 7 of the Charter in two ways. The first is vagueness. Fundamental justice requires that a criminal law define with reasonable certainty the conduct it prohibits. There is no agreement on what gender means, how many genders there are, whether there is such a thing as gender identity and, if there is, whether it is fixed or fluid. A therapist cannot know whether a particular form of therapy will or will not lead to a criminal penalty. The second point is that the law arbitrarily denies people the right to beneficial health care. The law, as drafted, does not distinguish between consensual and non-consensual therapy. The only exception is carves out is for what it calls sex change surgery. (The status of hormone therapy and puberty blocking drugs is unclear.) A patient who seeks psychotherapy for gender identity issues in order to avoid surgery and drugs will not be allowed to get it. There are two decisions of the Supreme Court of Canada which have held that denying people access to medically beneficial care violates the Charter: R. v. Morgentaler and Chaoulli v. Quebec.


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