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Mainstream media continues to shirk their responsibility to inform the public of what transgender activism is doing to women and children in Canada. Many Canadian parents remain uninformed of the multiple harms to children who transition to the opposite gender. The federal government is working on a conversion therapy ban which will further harm children by criminalizing counselors who help children feel comfortable in their natural bodies. We The Females and CaWsbar have collaborated on a form letter, which you can use to write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper. We are asking people who feel comfortable using their authentic names to write letters to the editor explaining why parents should oppose the inclusion of gender identity in conversion therapy bans. The following letter has been carefully crafted to clearly explain the complex ideas within the 200 word limit of most newspapers. You will need to follow the procedure for your local newspaper, which usually includes informing them of your name, address and phone number for verification purposes.


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To the Editor:

Something worrisome is happening to gender-confused children in Canada. Every parent should know that Bill C-8, the Conversion Therapy Ban, limits opportunities for children to receive thorough psychological care. Should this bill pass, it will criminalize therapists who help children to accept their natural bodies. In the past, therapists used various methods, including waiting. They discovered that, after puberty, 85% of children became comfortable in their natural bodies, and stopped claiming to be the opposite sex. This cautious approach is now vilified as Conversion Therapy. Counsellors who treat underlying issues, such as depression, anxiety and autism, are now at risk of being charged with a crime. Endocrinologist Dr. Michael Laidlaw warns that the current experimental practice of puberty blockers followed by cross sex hormones leads to sterility. Recently the UK launched a review of this practice. Canada should also pause to think, especially considering the growing number of young people who are detransitioning and reidentifying with their birth sex. Instead of criminalizing Conversion Therapy for children with gender identity issues, we should outlaw the unethical practice of experimenting on children’s bodies. Parents should contact their MPs and tell the government to stay out of the counselling rooms of the nation.

Your name, address and phone number.

Background Information for the Editor:

Bill C-8 (formerly S-202): 

More information on Bill C-8 (formerly S-202): 

85% of Gender Dysphoric Children Desist

UK Launches Review of Puberty Blockers: 35 Psychologists Resign From Gender Clinic.

Endocrinologist (Dr. Michael Laidlaw)


Dr. Michael Laidlaw, Endocrinologist


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