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Sign E-Petition Opposing Bill C-6

This year We The Females has focused on the problematic language used in Bill C-6 (formerly Bill C-8), dubbed “The Conversion Therapy Bill”. Bill C-6 contains very concerning wording that inappropriately combines Gender Identity with Sexual Orientation. Gender identity has very little in common with sexual orientation, and should not be covered under the same legislation. A ban on Conversion Therapy for sexual orientation communicates that young people should accept their natural sexual feelings. A ban on Conversion Therapy for Gender Identity communicates that it is a crime to help youth to accept their natural bodies. 

If Bill C-6 passes, parents will face the threat of having their child taken from them if they do not affirm their child’s trans identity claim. Counselors who treat underlying conditions will now risk up to five years in jail. This legislation paves the way for lifelong medical dependency and even sterilization, decisions which youth cannot possibly fully comprehend. We The Females has partnered with other organizations, such as Cawsbar and Canadian Gender Report to build awareness of this overreaching Bill, and to push for an improvement to its wording.


Sign the E-Petition Today!

The good news is that Tamara Jansen, MP has sponsored this E-Petition opposing Bill C-6 (formerly C-8). Special thanks to Gillean Payge from Langley for doing the background work to get this petition launched.  For more information, you can watch Gillean’s explanation of the petition below.  Read the article on the petition from the Aldergrove Star here.

Please sign the E-Petition opposing Bill C-6 here:


Gillean Payge Explains the C-8 E-Petition


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