Take Back the Language in 2021

In June 2020, a tweet by author J.K. Rowling ignited a firestorm for drawing attention to the Orwellian language being pushed by trans-activists designed to obliterate the biological meaning of the word “woman”.   Instead of calling females “women”, we are now being called menstruators, lactators, uterus havers, birthing bodies, vagina and vulva owners.  The shift in language is designed to enable biological males to be called “women”.  This deceptive and dehumanizing language is spreading throughout institutions and it must be strongly opposed.

Falsely promoted as inclusive language, this propaganda actually excludes women and girls from our own name, our own spaces and the language tools to describe ourselves. The main battlefront in the Gender Wars is language, and we must not allow our words to be stolen from us. We must insist that language reflect scientific reality. 

We The Females urges all women to challenge the misuse of language in the workplace, in commerce, and in social gatherings throughout 2021. 

For a great example of how to insist on correct language, watch this exciting one minute clip of British Broadcaster Julia Hartley-Brewer refusing to be called a “cis-woman”. Whether you challenge language strongly like Julia, or humorously like J.K. Rowling, do it in your own way and inspire others to do the same! We would love it if you told us about it by email, Twitter or Facebook. Include the hashtag #WarOnWomen.


Julia Hartley-Brewer Bans "Cis-Woman"


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