What is the Problem with Gender Ideology?

The current cultural tension between biological women and transgender people is one of the most complex human rights dilemmas in history. Transgender activism is not simply about access to housing and equal opportunity, such as in past civil rights struggles; it is about a group of activists who want to change the way we think about the most fundamental aspect of who we are–our physical bodies. Gender Ideology is a faulty belief system that advances the idea that your classification as a man or a woman is determined by your personal feelings, not your sexual biology. These ideas have quickly captured our institutions, resulting in altered language, numerous losses for females, false statistics and a skyrocketing number of children who now believe that they were born in the wrong body.

In 2017, Canadian Parliament passed Bill C-16, which added gender identity and gender expression to the Canadian Human Rights Act and the Criminal Code. This legislation paved the way for self-identification of gender, and enshrined into law the ability for any biological male to declare himself a woman and access female-only spaces and institutions. Trans-identified men, the majority of whom retain fully-intact male genitalia, are now legally able to access female changing facilities, rape crisis centres and women’s shelters. As a result, girls and women are feeling vulnerable in their own spaces. Men can compete in women’s sporting events and win awards that belong to women. Violent men are now housed in female prisons where some of them are assaulting women. Since these men identify as women, their criminal offences are now recorded as female crimes, falsifying statistics. Provinces have adopted similar legislation, and in Ontario, the OPP no longer release the sex of people charged with crimes. All of these injustices against women, children, and reality itself, must be redressed.

There are reasonable limits on what good citizens should be asked to give away in consideration of the needs of others. We cannot give up biological reality, our sex-based rights, and our children’s health to make a tiny minority feel good about themselves. We call upon all Canadians to reject Gender Ideology and reinstate the biological understanding of man and woman in language and in law. Only then can we can begin to recover from this increasingly dark chapter in our history.


What You Can Do

  1. Use language that reflects biological reality. Resist listing your pronouns or being called cisgender. Speak up whenever someone uses dehumanizing terms like “menstruators”.
  2. Get into honest conversations within your circle of influence. Use the talking points above to explain your concerns with the current trend of undermining biology and cancelling gender critical speech.
  3. Participate in the political process.
  4. Subscribe to We The Females to receive information on political actions.
  5. Understand the concept of cognitive dissonance and how people change their minds. Read Psychologist Alicia Hendley’s story of how she realized gender ideology is problematic. www.feministcurrent.com/Alicia Hendley
  6. Read the following resources to help deepen your understanding of these issues:

Resources to Go Deeper

The resources in the following sections will provide you with a deeper understanding of the issue of Gender Identity ideology and the harm that it is causing in Canada and around the world.


Legislation that Harms Citizens


Bill C 16 – Legislation that is erasing women’s sex-based rights in Canada.

Bill C 16 – What’s the Big Deal? A Lawyer’s Analysis of the Problem by Litigationguy

2017 Presentations To The Senate In A Foresighted Attempt To Stop Bill C16:

  • Meghan Murphy (5 minutes)
  • Jordan Peterson (1 hour)
  • PDF Quebec representatives Michele Sirois and Diane Guilbault. (14 minutes. Diane at 6:40. Interesting comment at 13:29 on the 2016 Auditor-General’s call for a gender-based analysis which was never produced even after multiple attempts through Freedom Of Information Act.)
  • Senator Linda Frum’s letter expressing concern and requesting the GBA (yet she voted for it).

Bill C-6 – Conversion Therapy Bill – the bill that makes it illegal to help a child feel comfortable in his or her own body.

Bill C-6 Parliamentary Brief – Bill C6 Parliamentary Brief submitted by We The Females to the Standing Committee on Justice and
Human Rights


Provincial Legislation that includes Gender Identity and Expression is just as problematic as Federal Bill C 16.

Ontario Bill 89 – the legislation that gives power for Family & Children’s Services to remove children from homes if parents do not support a child’s gender transition. 


Harm to Culture

Activists bully and silence women who gather to discuss women’s sex-based rights.

Mob Frenzy vs Rational Discourse at Toronto Library Oct. 29, 2019 (2 minutes)
Full talk by Meghan Murphy at TPL that activists tried to stop. Why is this speech considered controversial?

Rights to free speech and peaceful assembly are at risk.

Activists bully Jordan Peterson at U of TMcMaster and Queen’s protests. He accurately predicted the problems with Bill C 16.

Social terrorists bully people who want to listen to information sessions about what their children are being taught. SOGI session with transgender Jenn Smith.

Educational Institutions no longer support an open-minded approach to learning.

Rainbow Health Ontario pressures CAMH to fire Gender Dysphoria expert Dr. Ken Zucker for helping kids feel comfortable in their own bodies. Rainbow Health says that kind of help is conversion therapy. Meanwhile Rainbow Health promotes converting the body to suit the mind, even if it sterilizes and mutilates young people.

WLU profs intimidate Lyndsay Shepherd for a lesson in pronouns. Listen to the inquisition here.

Lisa Littman’s research on Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria retractedrepublished by Brown.

Bath University rejects Research Proposal to study trans people who regret their surgeries.

Media Censorship – News outlets tell only one side of the story.

People are unaware of these events because the media is only showing positive trans stories. For example, CBC banned the very balanced BBC Video Transgender Kids: Who Knows Best (58 minutes) See the National Post article about the political activism behind this censorship.

Canadian media did not report on the notorious Jessica Yaniv until after the ‘wax my balls’ story has made international headlines.

CBC screens callers by gender identity for this call-in radio show about free speech.

Controlling Language = Controlling Thought

A growing list of words are being replaced with awkward and dehumanizing terms, such as, people who menstruate, lactators and uterus havers instead of women. New terms, such as, cisgender and made-up pronouns, such as ze, are being promoted as more “inclusive”.

Corporations Using Biology-Erasing Language

Clue Period App drops the word female from it’s period tracking app because it’s not inclusive.

Always Removes Female Symbol from sanitary products because of an activist’s complaint.

The Gender Unicorn is an unscientific yet surprisingly popular graphic used for diversity training at many institutions. It uses the phrase “sex assigned at birth” which negatively connotes that something is unjust about categorizing a living being based on physical characteristics, proving that gender theory is anti-science. In contrast, our image of the Gender Scientists shows a biology-based approach to sex.


Harm to Girls and Women


Scary Men do not belong in female prisons. Watch April Halley confront Trudeau about male assaults in women’s prison.  J. Edward Les, MD  blogs eloquently about this issue.

Rape Shelters

Rape shelters like Vancouver Rape Relief must accept men or lose their funding

Jean Tweed shelter in Toronto chooses men over women who are uncomfortable with the policy.


Statistics Canada no longer records the sex of criminals, they record their self-declared gender instead. This means that men’s violence against women can be recorded as a female crime. The statistics will be skewed to look like women are becoming more violent.


Males win women’s sport awards. Sharron DaviesMartina Navratilova and  Serena Soule speak out.
Examples from CyclingWeightliftingHandballMartial ArtsHigh School Track and Volleyball

See this factsheet from UK Fair Play For Women

See this fact sheet from Save Women’s Sports about biological differences.


Harm to Children

Loss of Privacy in School Changerooms

Chicago School District 211 voted that a transgender student’s access to female locker rooms is more important than the sex-based rights of girls. Gender ideology conflicts with the rights of girls. Julia Burca is a swimmer who stated that she does not feel comfortable being naked in front of males in the locker room. Her feelings are expressed in this clip of the two students.

Medical Harm

Using puberty blockers and fertility-reducing treatments on children is unethical. This article states, “There is no medical consensus on the best course of treatment for gender-dysphoric children, because it’s almost impossible to tell which kids will continue to experience the condition as adolescents and adults. Citing informal studies, Drescher and Meyer estimate that only about 20 percent of prepubescent children who exhibit cross-gender behavior continue that behavior into adolescence.”  So why are we transitioning children? 

Medical Issues of the health effects of puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones by Dr. Michael Laidlaw, Endocrinologist. (3 minutes).

More Medical Issues by Endocrinologist Dr. William Malone.

The dangers of affirming young people in their gender wishes, by Stephanie Davies Arai of Transgender Trend. (20 minutes).

Tavistock Gender Clinic Staff Voice Concerns: BBC video (12 minutes)

Queer Theory Infiltrates Schools

The Ottawa case centers on a child’s cognitive dissonance after her teacher showed videos from Queer Kids Stuff

Vulnerable Populations (Autistic children are over-represented in trans populations)
Girls With Autism Identifying As Trans

Megan Giacomelli from Quebec created this presentation for teachers on Autistic Children and Gender Dysphoria.

SOGI is being taught in several provinces across Canada.


Help for Families with Trans-Identifying Children

Parents of Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria Kids Excellent information for parents

Gender Resource Guide Download the guide for understanding the transgender issue

Inspired Teen Therapy Sasha Ayad is a counsellor who is insightful and helpful

Identity, Gender, Adolescence, & Therapy Counselling  Sasha Ayad and Benjamin Boyce

Parenting Gender Dysphoric Child Sasha Ayad and Benjamin Boyce

A Grand Conspiracy To Tell The Truth A mother and her detransitioned daughter tell their story

Our Duty Group  Parent support group


Trans People and Detransitioners Speak

A growing number of young people are finding that transition did not help them to solve their problems, and they are re-identifying with their biological sex. 

The Detransition Advocacy Network: Charlie Evans started this charity to help others who also regret transitioning.

Scott Newgent: a trans-identified Canadian speaks out against Bill C-6

Keira Bell: A detransitioner suing the Tavistock Gender Clinic reaches London’s Royal Courts of Justice

Panel Discussion of star-studded cast of Meghan Murphy, Psychologist Ken Zucker, and Dagney of Pique Resilience: (Dagney detransitioned.105 minutes of rich learning.)

BBC Video Detransitioning: Reversing a Gender Transition

Swedish documentaries on detransitioners:


Blogs and Websites

April Halley exposes the problem of violent males housed in female prisons.

Canadian Gender Report raises awareness of the impact of gender ideology and the medicalization of gender identity on children and our communities. 

Feminist Current is Canadian journalist Meghan Murphy’s news and commentary site.

Gender Critical Action Centre organizes action to push back on growing efforts to redefine sex to mean “gender identity”. 

Kelsey Coalition promote policies and laws that protect young people from medical harms.

Hands Across The Aisle is a coalition of diverse women who have come together to support women’s rights. This is how to build a wide base of support for successful future actions.


Gender Scientist Infographic

Schools, companies, government and other institutions are indoctrinating faulty and unscientific trans-activist Gender Ideology using the so-called Gender Unicorn.   Here’s our science and reason-based alternative, The Gender Scientists.


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