Guide for a Successful In-Person Visit to Your Member of Parliament

Thanks to our friend Tracy (@JetSkiBum01)  who has provided this helpful guide for a successful in-person visit with your Member of Parliament. You can also read about Tracy’s experience visiting her MP to discuss the ramifications of Bill C-16.

  1. Use this site to find the contact information for your Member of Parliament.
  2. Call to make an appointment to discuss your concerns with Bill S-202 and/or Bill C-16. 
  3. At the meeting, be pleasant and respectful during the conversation.
  4. Ask your MP if he/she is familiar with this legislation.
  5. Affirm the good intentions of the legislation.
  6. Raise your points one by one. Ask for feedback. Talk about how the legislation is being abused (C-16) or will be abused (S-202).
  7. Ask about how this legislation will affect people that the MP knows personally.

Tracy's Visit to her MP to Discuss Bill C-16

“I went into the meeting and asked my MP if he was familiar with Bill C-16. He wasn’t even sure what I was referring to. Then it dawned on him it was the anti-discrimination bill for trans-gendered people. I told him that, while I’m sure the government had the best intentions with this bill, and everyone deserves to be protected from discrimination, it is now it being abused with wide ranging implications. Those with sinister intentions are hiding under the guise of Bill C-16 to further their own agenda and bully society into giving them what they want under the threat of discrimination. I pointed out that gender identity and expression is protected under the Canadian Human Rights Act and Criminal Code, but so are sex-based rights. I explained that gender identity and expression are in direct conflict with sex based rights. This is where I mentioned men in women’s spaces, simply “claiming” to be a woman. He had no idea this was happening. I showed him a print out of the policy of a local gym in our area which states: ‘We allow anyone to use the locker room of the gender they identify with.’ This alarmed him. So I kept going…I told him about all women’s spaces having full access to men claiming a female identity, sports, prisons, rape crisis centers, as well as the various cases the JCCF is taking on.  I asked him if trans rights supersede the rights of women. He honestly said he didn’t know. The law came out in 2017 and after a law is passed that’s when they get to see what’s happening with it. He said what’s happening now is not what the law was intended for, and it needs to be amended. He wants me to submit a proposal of solutions to each of these issues. He did mention, to be accepted, the proposals would have to be in good faith for the greater good of all involved.  He also said that it’s important for citizens to meet with their MP’s about this.  While it’s great to go at it individually, it holds more power in numbers. I asked him for his feedback quite a bit. I wanted to make him think about what’s happening. The first thing he said was that he didn’t have a daughter but he does have a wife. The thought of his wife in a gym locker room with a man made him have a worried look on his face.”


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